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Saturday, June 10, 2017

To Tacoma, Washington Traversing Idaho on I-90

Aloha Everyone,

Contrary to the overnight weather warning, a bright sunny morning greeted us, enabling me to get my morning walk before breakfast.

I drove from Butte to Missoula. 

Jasper's Restaurant in Saint Regis was another wonderful discovery on I-90. Fish taco served with homemade fries and cottage cheese was a sensible choice for me. J.J. had a bowl of chili plus hamburger and fries.  Since he kept on raving that the fries are "one of the best he's tasted..." I acquiesced and ate one. It was superb! I had to call on my willpower to stop after 6. 

Attentive service was provided by Amy, who gave me extra hot water with lemon :-)

Bob and Pam asked about Honu and what is it like to drive around the country in our small motorhome. The outgoing couple were also eager to share what we must see in Idaho. Stanley, located in the central section of the state, according to Bob, is one of the prettiest and nicest places to spend a summer.

We checked in at the Spokane KOA Campground.

Between the rain, JJ and I managed to take showers.  A railroad track runs along the perimeter of this property. I am listening to the sound of whistles as I write the blog. J.J. has an impressive talent to ignore any external sounds and disturbances once his head hits the pillow. 

Aloha -- Cathi