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Monday, January 28, 2019

Dining in Mexico City, Week 3

Aloha Everyone,

The best and most memorable lunch for me this week was at an authentic Italian restaurant where they served delicious Insalata Caprese with Mozzarella  cheese and olives imported from Italy. It was so good that our friend, Flavia would have approved. J.J. enjoyed his seafood spaghetti.

This week J.J. also tried foods from a Japanese take out place. We had several interesting Mexican dishes. I also had a Vietnamese Bao which tasted far better than J.J.’s seafood tempura.

The two of us have been frequenting two panaderías (bread shops).Today we purchased two croissants for our breakfast, chocolate donut for J.J.’s afternoon snack and two healthy multigrain and nuts cookies to share after dinner. The total price of US$2.64 is a steal when you think our purchase is freshly baked goods.

Aloha -- Cathi