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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Mexico City

Aloha Everyone,

From the air Mexico City appeared diffused under the heavy pollution.

Our hotel for the first 6 nights is Hampton Inn located in the Centro Histórico neighborhood. We love the Old World charm. This hotel in an 19th-century building is full of charm. We were graciously welcomed by the friendly staff starting with the porter who ran across the street to pick up our luggage from the cab driver.  

We have excellent free WiFi, hot breakfast from an extensive buffet which is included. Price is less than US$100 per day. A number of major tourist attractions are within waking distance. I can’t wait to go out walking, but first I need to catch up on my sleep. J.J. also needs to get acclimated to the the high altitude. Mexico is over 7,300 feet.

I must include our experiences on the American Airlines fight from Phoenix to México City. We purchased economy class tickets because the carrier does not offer premium economy. However, it meant we had to pay $30 per check in bag and there was no in flight meal. A few resourceful passengers pulled suitcases to the gate. The agent took the suitcases, tagged them, and then transferred them to the cargo hold. Reason? Not enough overhead luggage space in the cabin. Brilliant way to avoid paying $30 or $40 if it is a 2nd bag.

Aloha -- Cathi