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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Laundry & Gallery Visits

Aloha Everyone,

Our life in the Mexico City is anything but ordinary. While our first load of laundry was washing, spinning and drying (yes, a total of 3 plus hours), J.J. and I took a stroll towards the Centró Histórico.

The Cuerpo exhibition is an open air gallery where we were invited to view displays of sculptures from the Corpus Museo Soumaya. Meaning and explanation in Spanish escaped me, but here are some of the interesting pieces.

Just a few steps away is another impressive residence known as the Palace of Iturbide. Imagine receiving this as a gift. It was built as a wedding present for his daughter by the Count of San Mateo Valparaíso. After changing ownership, today it houses the Fomento Cultural Panamax.

Black and white prints of harsh, unadulterated journalistic images were thought provoking and some quite disturbing.

Aloha -- Cathi