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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Palacio de Correos de México

Aloha Everyone,
Palacio de Correos de México, the main post office in Mexico City is housed in a stunning early 20th Century palace. Adamo Boari, the original architect of the Palacio de Bellas Artes’ which is located just across a main boulevard, also designed this building.

Built in 1907, it is still a functioning post office. The two of us were able to access with no bag or security checks. First thing you see is the Impressive monumental staircase with the bronze railings that were cast in Florence, Italy.

Visiting the upper floor requires a guide which can be engaged by joining a walking tour. J.J. and I walked around the ground floor to take several photos of the accessible areas.

I usually like to send a postcard from every new countries we visit. However, one has to be prepared for mail to arrive late. Sometimes very late. Last year, it took nearly 5 weeks. Our family received their postcards from Mexico a few days after we returned to the USA.
Aloha -- Cathi