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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Alameda Central

Aloha Everyone,

The area of The Alameda Central park, during the pre-Hispanic period, was an Aztec marketplace. What we see today is an extensive network of pedestrian paths, gardens, fountains and statues tracing its origin to Viceroy Luis de Velasco II.

It gives me shivers to learn that the western section of the park was built during the Inquisition in Mexico. Then known as El Quemadero or The Burning Place, people accused of witchcraft or other convicts were publicly burned at the stake. On my crisscrossing the park today, I saw five classical fountains of French design based on Greco-Roman Mythology. Interesting to note that none of the fountains are functioning as a fountain. Compared to fountains in Rome where water comes to the city through an aqueduct system and it is potable, the Alameda fountains are bone dry.

The Alameda Central bans beggars and individuals targeting tourists. Mounted police looked more like a Mariachi band. I had to ask, “Policía?” They gestured their availability for picture taking.

Cleaning crew made of men and women with push carts and brooms merely create dust compared to the washing crew who gave a clean sweep with their powerful water hose.

There are always something to see and experience at Alameda Central. A group of chorale singers led by a strict conductor kept on practicing their scales while lovers occupied a bench.

I was delighted to hear the loud and distinctive singing of Ani. Physical appearance maybe slightly different from its Texas cousins, but the awkward running and hopping on the ground was unmistakably Ani.

Aloha -- Cathi