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Monday, January 14, 2019

Dining Out Mexico City, Week 1

Aloha Everyone,

To Stan M, Judy F, Vicktor V and to all who have special curiosities about what the 2 of us have been eating during our first week in Mexico City, here are the highlights:

Today we moved to an AirBnB, our home for the next 29 days. Before we close our brief chapter at the Hampton Inn in Centró Histórico, I must write about the fascinating woman J.J. and I met on the Garden patio where I augment my daily walk.

Maria Castro (last name included with her permission ) was taking a mini-break from New York’s deep freeze. She came to bask in the sun and enjoy the city’s 3 Kings celebration. Maria works as a political consultant and in the 20 minutes or so J.J. and I spent with her, she told us the “behind the scene” stories of New York politicians. Some names were familiar. Her consultancy is for Democrats. The main focus is getting them into the state assembly in Albany and Washington D.C. An important part of her work is maintaining a close relationship with the media.

Aloha -- Cathi