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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All American Rose Garden & Stunning Oregon Coast

Aloha Everyone,
Roses are associated with love, friendship and appreciation. At the rose garden of the Shore Acres State Park, I encountered a little girl of about eight years. She was like a little butterfly, alighting from flower to flower admiring the beauty and inhaling the intoxicating fragrance. Seeing my Flat Granddaughter, she gave me a big grin and a wave. Sometimes, a smile and a simple gesture communicate much more than words.

Some stand like old ghosts and others are gracefully rising from the misty sea. These are dramatic Oregon coastal sea stacks.  It took millions of years to create the coastal attractions. They are the results of volcanic eruptions then sharpened by the winds and ocean waves. I read in a travel guide that there are over 2,000 of these rocky islands. Some are named -- Haystack Rock, Bandon Needles, Sisters Rock and Face Rock. They are the stars of this unforgettable landscape.

Looking for more simple food that is kinder to my stomach, I made a healthy salad for our picnic lunch at Ophir State Recreation Site.

Ron , from Santa Fe, NM and his daughter, Heidi, from Denver, CO were enjoying their road trip. They were traveling North whereas we were going South. We exchanged information on Oregon State Parks. Friendly fellow travelers, my attempt to have the sea behind them did not work. My sincere apologies for having their faces in the shadow.

Janna selling ice cream from her truck bed

Harris Beach State Recreation Area is located in the city of Brookings, a small seaside community located between the Oregon and California border. The beach is just 20 minutes walk from our forested camping site. Great location and we even have a phone signal.

Aloha -- Cathi