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Monday, July 27, 2015

Double Movie Date: Max and Spy

Aloha Everyone,

Century Theatres, located about 8 miles drive in the direction of Virginia City, is offering several movies we wanted to see.  Based on their show time, we chose MAX and Spy for our "double-movie" date.

MAX is a Belgian Malinois that was trained to assist US Marines in Afghanistan. The story is what happens to MAX when his handler is killed and he is returned to the USA. Good entertainment value and appropriate for the entire family.

SPY is a slapstick comedy about a CIA undercover agent played by Melissa McCarthy.  The premise of this atypical  undercover agent has merits. Over-all, the acting of the main characters was decent. However crude language used throughout the film was very uncomfortable for me. It is not a movie I recommend for children.

One movie that I am interested in seeing is the upcoming Peanuts movie!

Grand Sierra Resort RV Park is located a few miles away from downtown Reno along Truckee River Among many amenities available, the most interesting is Aqua Golf.  Golfers hit the ball aiming it to land on one of the floating platforms in Sierra Bay.

Rick, our neighbor, is from South Dakota. As fellow South Dakotan, we had a very pleasant conversation. With a mischievous smile, he told us that you can always tell South Dakotan men as "we are all tall and handsome."

Aloha -- Cathi