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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Granzella's Deli Restaurant and Pizza Parlor in Williams, CA.

Aloha Everyone,
The entire length of I-5 is 1,389 miles and it connects from San Diego, CA to Vancouver BC. It is the main interstate highway on the West Coast of the United States.
By the time we cross the Canadian border, J.J. and I would have driven its entire length.
Here are some of the highlights of today:
Driving by downtown Sacramento and crossing Sacramento River

Our lunch stop at Granzella's Deli Restaurant and Pizza Parlor in the town of Williams, CA.

J.J.  and I shared a medium size vegetarian pizza. It was perfect, enormous and we had enough leftovers for dinner.
Our server, Lizbeth was a charming, attentive young lady who says she enjoys her work at this family-owned restaurant. which is in the middle of a farming community. Our total bill inclusive of a generous tip came out to $23.

Lake Shasta is a reservoir for Lake Shasta Dam. One of the purposes of the reservoir is to provide flood control for The Sacramento River. Today, with low water table, it was a sad reminder of California's continuing problems with drought.

Mt Shasta is the 5th highest mountain in California with the elevation of 14,179 ft.

My Shasta town is a small Alpine Village with population of approximately 3,400. The center reminds us of Williams, Arizona, one of our favorite places to visit.

We arrived at  Mt Shasta KOA located at the foot of Mt Shasta. 
Aloha -- Cathi