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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Katella Deli, Bakery, Restaurant

Aloha Everyone,

For today's lunch, my sister treated us to take-out sandwiches from Katella Deli. Established in 1964, the Deli is famous for their serving traditional Jewish deli items including huge, mouth-watering pastrami and corn beef sandwiches. J.J. thought that the pastrami sandwich was just as good as the ones we had in New York.

The menu is very extensive and we definitely will go back again to try their Matzoh Ball Soup, Lox Benedict and Smoked Salmon on their homemade bagel. I am not even looking at their wonderful array of mouth-watering desserts.

Located on Katella Avenue

Deli and bakery section

Entrance to Bar

Outside dining area

Take out is a big part if their business

Next year, my Mother will celebrate 50 years of gardening. The results include 7 healthy fruits trees.



Fuyu Persimmon - crunchy and sweet

Satsuma tangerine orange

Hachiya Persimmon - Bitter taste suitable for dried persimmon

Asian Pear


Aloha -- Cathi