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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

North Bound on US Highway 101

Aloha Everyone,

The day began gray and gloomy a big change for sunny California weather we've been blessed with for most of our days in my birth state. Going North bound on US Highway 101, we experienced light drizzle then encountered heavy fog on a mountain pass.

However, just as we came down to a lower elevation, the sun appeared and white fluffy cumulous clouds delighted us. We took a short stop to stretch our legs at a highway rest area.

On route to Salinas, we saw several vintage oil drilling equipment. I recall seeing them in open fields before sub-division planned communities sprang up. At least couple of them appeared to be still functioning. While they looked nostalgic and picturesque, they also looked antiquated and inefficient.

Salinas is well-known for farming. My mother was curious as to what crops are being grown and how many farm hands they require, for instance, to harvest a strawberry field.

Our picnic lunch spot.

All roads leads to Gilroy or so it seems. We decided to stop for the night and get an early start to trace our route from Monterey to Morro Bay.

Yolanda was an amiable proprietor at the road side fruits stand we stopped where my Mother purchased a garland of the world famous Gilroy Garlic. When JJ asked if we could keep them in a plastic bag so it wouldn't smell up our vehicle, she smiled and replied, "It only smells when it's hot. Besides the smell will disappear quickly."

Aloha -- Cathi