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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day Trip to Lake Tahoe

Aloha Everyone,

Let me begin be sharing with you the photo of Emerald Bay. We were told that this is the most spectacular site when you circle the lake and J.J. and I agree.

Lake Tahoe is 22 miles long and 12 miles wide making it the largest alpine lake in North America. The western half of the lake is in California and the eastern half is in Nevada.

It's approximately 72 miles to drive around the lake from either California or Nevada side.

Today's drive was exciting and nostalgic as this was one of our honeymoon destinations nearly 43 years ago.  Natural scenic beauty of the lake was unchanged. However we were amazed to see how a sleepy alpine town has transformed into a place with mega casino resorts and shopping centers.

Anne works at the visitor center. When she saw Honu, she came out to take a closer look. We exchanged pleasantries and found out that nearly 42 years ago Anne lived and worked on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Following Anne's advice, we chose our picnic site in a pine growth with lake frontage in Kiva Beach Park.

We enjoyed excellent food from a Safeway deli.

Curious and unafraid, this Bluejay flew down and perched on our picnic table to take a closer look.

This chipmunk was very friendly and at one point jumped on the seat next to me. Our policy is no matter how tame or hungry it appears, never feed any animals in the wild. He allowed me to get so close that I was at an arm's length from him.

At 6225 feet above sea level, noon-time temperature was at 73 degrees F. We saw a family from Germany getting ready to swim in the lake.

We also visited Tallac Historic Site located adjacent to our picnic site.

Two items especially caught my eyes  one was this pet carrying case and the second was a sign on the door which read, "Close the door to keep chipmunks out."

Emerald Bay is located in Southwest Lake Tahoe in California. There were several designated "lookout" parking areas but they were all full or too small for Honu to squeeze in.

With J.J.'s professionally trained eyes, he knew exact spot where I can take photos without leaving Honu.

I think that the rocky island in the bay enhances the beauty and charm of Emerald Bay.

Aloha -- Cathi