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Friday, August 29, 2014

Day of Shopping and Organizing

Aloha Everyone,

I think one of the best reasons for traveling is to have the opportunity to meet people like Mary and Larry. We met them yesterday and talked until it was dark. Mary and Larry brought out their iPad and showed us some of the places we should visit. This morning we resumed where we left off and reluctantly said our farewell. They are from Surprise, Arizona. Yes, there is a city called Surprise and we look forward to seeing them again.

Today J.J. and I spent our time organizing Honu, donating extra clothes to Boys and Girls Club and shopping for items we need for our coming adventure to Oregon and Washington.

Walmart is where we purchase special toilet paper for RVs that are rapid-dissolving for our marine toilet. We also purchased chemicals for our gray water pipe (kitchen water) and black water (toilet). By chance, we made a wrong turn and came in front of a Cost-Plus World Market.

World Market is known for importing food, unique and unusual furniture, items for home decorating and the kitchen. There are over 259 Cost Plus World Market retail stores located nationwide. Some of you know that J.J. is a fabulous cook and his paella using the Albert Family Recipe is absolutely wonderful. Living in Honu, we have to make some adjustments and cooking elaborate meals is one of them.  We previously tried the Vigo Paella Valenciana and with fresh seafood, it makes a good Spanish meal.

The afternoon was spent at Fandango Movie Theater to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy." It was far from the classic Star Wars of the same genre and J.J. and I walked out of the theater trying to find something nice to say about the film.

For dinner, we stopped by and purchased a loaf of Mule Bread from Paul Schat's Bakery. The bakery was recommended by Mary and Larry.

Large dinner salad for two. Salami is for J.J.

 Aloha -- Cathi