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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Honu Gets An Operation

Aloha Everyone,

Everyday we deal with human relationships. When things are going well, it's easy to maintain your equanimity  However when opposing forces are pulling you apart, it takes practice to remain calm, stay focused and in balance.

Our trip to Gilroy, the garlic capitol of the world was totally unexpected.  On Sunday night when we were relaxing I smelled miasma. The odor was nauseating. To mitigate the situation, J.J. tried to open the sliding door.  It was at that point that we saw smoke coming out from the back of Honu.

 We drove straight to Gilroy to the dealership where we purchased Honu about 4 months ago.

The reception we received from the service department yesterday was cordial but noncommittal. This morning the salesman who originally helped us interceded in our behalf. The solution was to take the inverter from a new vehicle and replaced with the damaged one in Honu.

Our entertainment was provided when highly skilled operators moved large motor homes through very narrow space. Turning corners seem especially precarious.

The sales and service department of the dealer is located adjacent to the Gilroy Factory Outlet. It is about 30 minutes walk to get to the nearest restaurant, Applebee's. The street is tree-lined and pleasantly shaded.

Gilroy Applebee's

J.J. had the Seafood linguine and I has spinach with berries.

After 7 hours of wait, we were back on the road again. The operation on Honu indeed was a team effort. We are grateful to Jim who jumped in to expedite the process, to Jorge, the mechanic for doing the work but most of all, to Carrie, who listened to our situation and squeezed us in with smile. At the end of day, I gave big hugs to Carrie for enabling us to drive off confident that work was well done.

J.J. and I also met Tony and Mike who gave us their ears and support. We especially like to thank a couple and her sister who, like us, were waiting for work to be completed on their RV.

On reflection, this was another good day that help us restore faith and find goodness in people.

Tonight, we are back at the Garlic RV Park to enjoy a quiet evening.

Aloha -- Cathi