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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Highway 95 North to Tonopah, NV

Aloha Everyone,

Jane and Jeff live in Prescott, AZ. Both retired from Hallmark Company and it is very obvious that they love to travel. They were concluding their 3 weeks trip which included Canada (Baniff National Park, Lake Louise and Columbia Icefield) and they willingly shared with us their experiences. Based on what I have heard and read, Canadian Rockies are definitely among the places to visit in the future.

By the time we left Las Vegas, the sun was high and the outside temperature was 91 degrees and rising. Highway 95 is a new route for us. Nevada roads are excellent and well maintained. We passed through some areas with salt flats of ancient inland seas. Most of the segments of the highway had no service posted for the next 50 or 100 miles. J.J. spotted wild burros (donkeys) in the open fields but they were too far, too skinny to be captured on my iPhone.

Our first interesting place was Area 51 Rest Stop. Located approximately 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, this area is popular location among UFO aficionados. There are photos, videos and stories posted on the internet. We also saw a military drone flying above us. Google Area 51 if you are curious.

Area 51 Rest Stop

Curious looking colored rock with secured gate near the Area 51 Rest Stop

Flowering Joshua Tree

Tonopah is about 1/2 way between Las Vegas to Reno. The place was discovered when a prospector's burro ran away in the middle of the night. When he spotted his burro the next morning, the prospector picked up a rock to throw at his burro. He realized that the rock was unusually heavy. This lead to the discovery of the 2nd richest silver mother lode in Nevada. Tonopah, in Paiute means "a place of little water" is basically a former mining town and now it has a few casinos, motels and RV parks. When I asked a lady in a supermarket what's there to do in Tonopah, she said unless you gamble, there is nothing to do. It is a sad looking western town.

Tonopah Main Street. Mizpah Hotel built in 1908 once was recognized as the tallest building in the state of Nevada.

Our lunch stop on Tonopah.

Charming interior replica of old saloon did not help the limited menu selection.

We had excellent breakfast food for lunch.

The RV park we stopped is located on Highway 95. It is new, clean and offers free WiFi. The best part is the manager, Kay, who is a lovely individual. Kay and I visited for 30 minutes and we had to end our conversation reluctantly when Kay had another client who wanted to check in. Kay mentioned that due to no pollution, the area is known for star-gazing. J.J. and I will be looking up to the sky this evening.

Approaching the RV park we are staying tonight in Tonopah.

As you can see, it will be a perfect night for star gazing.

Kay and I could have talked for hours.

Aloha -- Cathi