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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fort Stevens State Park

Aloha Everyone,

We made it to the most Northern tip of the beautiful, romantic, sometimes rugged Oregon Coast via Highway 101. Our first stop this morning was Cape Meares Lighthouse just west of Tillamook.

There are two trails from the parking lot to the light house. Both are beautiful with moss covered trees.

A couple of look-out points offered us views of rugged cliffs with pounding waves below.

Our souvenir photos were taken by Mike.

The lighthouse is only 38 foot tall, the shortest on the Oregon Coast but stands 217 feet above sea level.

Mike and Tannis were on their holiday from Namba, Idaho, a town close to Boise.

We had to be mindful as to where you step and not be too mesmerized by gorgeous ocean views.

A Banana slug was crossing the trail. Luckily J.J. cautioned me to stop. You can see how close I was.

As we started to look for our lunch stop, we drove through a small lumber town of Gribaldi.

Beauty of foggy morning is everything appear as if you are looking through light gray filter.

We chose Driftwood Restaurant in the town of Cannon Beach to have our lunch.

Clam chowder for J.J. and my spinach cream soup were excellent. As matter of fact, J.J. said that it was the best clam chowder he had thus far.

Our main course was good but not exceptional.  Instead of the grilled salmon meal I ordered, they brought me baked cod.  The day was beautiful, we were happy so I decided to let go of this mistake and enjoyed the cod.

Our last lighthouse on the Oregon Coast is located 1.2 miles seaward off Tillamook Rock. It took nearly an hour of detour through well-paved but narrow winding road to get Ecola State Park.

Even with maximum magnification, it is difficult to discern the lighthouse in a hazy distance.

The opposite side of the promontory offered this dramatic coastal view with ever present rocks.

Tonight we are staying at Fort Stevens State Park. It is the largest park that offers RV stay in Oregon.

Aloha -- Cathi