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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Damp, Misty Drive in the Fog from Beverly Beach to Haceta Head

Aloha Everyone,

Our departure from the Beverly Beach State Park was delayed nearly by an hour. First we wanted to see if the fog clears. Then as we were leaving the camping ground, we met a couple from Alberta, Canada. They were driving a slightly smaller, older design of a Sprinter Model. J.J. saw them pass by Honu last night with more than just a passing curiosity. We invited them to come on board so they can see it up close.

It took over an hour to navigate the narrow, winding, mountain road hugging the cliff side dropping to the Pacific Ocean. Watching me furiously snapping photos trying to capture the elusive beauty of a foggy landscape, J.J. poetically stated, "Fog contributes and enhances the beauty of the picture." So, here are my selection of the foggy morning drive from Beverly Beach to Haceta Head.

The sun came out about noon and we checked in at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park camping ground. There is at least 10 degrees of temperature difference between being in the sun and in the shade. J.J. and I decided to go on the 1-mile self-guided trail around Lake Marie. We saw several informational signs including Douglas Fir that said, "At night it takes up half the water it needs the next day." 

These photos were taken as we started eastward to circle the lake.

Tonight we had Beef Fajitas with Szechuan Asparagus and Swiss Cheese using a garlic and herbs wrap. We enjoyed 1/2 of this delicious blueberry, strawberry and blackberry tart from a local bakery.

Aloha -- Cathi