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Friday, September 5, 2014

Update on Honu

Aloha Everyone,

The first order of the day was to take Honu for windshield replacement. Unfortunately,Mercedes Benz informed NOVUS the windshield repair company it may take up to 6 weeks for delivery. We will continue with our RV adventure and return when the replacement part becomes available. In the meantime, Dale drilled a small hole and added epoxy. Hopefully this will stop further cracking.

Here Dale is working on Honu

This is a close-up photo of the instrument used to stabilize the repair

Bev is the office manager.

They refer to Josh as "the new guy"

J.J. and I stopped by the Grants Pass Recreation Office to see if we could purchase an Oregon State Park annual pass. We met Molly (mom in red) and Alison (her daughter in white). Every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 pm, they have a yoga class and they invited me to join. I look forward to do so when we return for Honu's new windshield.

The typical Makunouchi Bento is served in a square or rectangular shaped bento box. Usually it includes rice, grilled fish, cooked vegetables, tamagoyaki (sweet omelet Japanese-style), miso soup and pickled vegetables. Our lunch was at Matsukaze Japanese Restaurant near downtown Grants Pass.

J.J. purchased some diesel and we were surprised to note that self-serve gas stations are not permitted in Oregon. Only an attendant can fill the tank. The fine could be as high as $500.

A little bit of research showed that gas stations in New Jersey and Oregon offer only full service and mini service. New Jersey enacted their ban of self-service stations in 1949 after lobbying by service station owners who stated that it was a safety concern and a way to keep jobs. In 1951, Oregon also placed a ban on self-service stations and created a long list of justifications, including but not limited to the flammability of gas, the risk of crime from customers leaving their car, the toxic fumes emitted by gasoline, and the jobs created.  It has now become both a cultural issue as well as an economic issue.  In 1982, Oregon voters rejected a ballot which would allow self service stations.

In 1989, the Oregon law was challenged in court by large gas companies/chains, but this challenge failed. In 2001, Oregon motorcyclist won an appeal to be able to load their own gas. It should also be noted that it is legal for customers to pump their own diesel under Oregon law. However, this is the choice of individual stations, and some do not permits diesel customers to do so.

Contrary to the popular belief that this law creates jobs, Oregon economist argue that this actually hurts the job market, as gas prices are several cents higher per gallon to pay for the approximately 10,000 gas station attendants in the state. The net effect of less expensive gas would provide significantly more jobs then this 1951 law.

I had a nice conversation with Sue and Bob who are working in the RV office today. They were helpful in sharing information about the places we should visit while in Oregon.

Here is another "art wall" we spotted.

Aloha -- Cathi