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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Return to Grants Pass

Aloha Everyone,

Woke up to the steady rain drops on the roof of Honu. We normally take about an hour to get ourselves and Honu packed and ready to move. This morning it took us half of the time. Looking for an improvement in weather is a good incentive for quick action.

An interesting fact about Brookings and Easter Lilies. 75% of the bulbs of Easter Lilies sold in the United States come from Brookings. Prior to leaving the city, I wanted to see some of the fields where these bulbs are grown.  With rainy weather, we could not find anyone working so the best I could do was to take a photo of the brownish field where we read signs that said, "la Flora".

Our journey took us briefly back to the tip of California on Redwood Highway.

Gentle rain followed us all the way to the California border. However just as J.J. and I talked about how nice that it's raining because California needs water, the rain stopped.

Two out of the ordinary things happened today.  First J.J. chose this Vietnamese restaurant that served incredible dishes. The owner, Yong, welcomed us with an affable and open smile that is so genuine, you had to trust him when he suggested what we should order. J.J. chose a dish he was familiar with. I took his suggestion and ordered #8.

All I can say is, "Wow!  What have I been eating all these years? If this is what Vietnamese food supposed to taste, it's a new discovery for me."

Here is a photo of what I had. According to my note, it's called "Bin Kho" but I haven't been able to find out what the ingredients are. All I know is the textures, colors and flavoring worked magic and it was an outstanding meal.

Here is J.J.'s choice. We are going back at least once more -- on Friday when it is their special Pho day.

The second special occurrence  for today is I took a yoga class from Jesse Hart at the Grants Pass Recreation Center. For those fellow yoginis, yoga practice is for body and mind. After practicing yoga with Jesse and 3 other ladies in the park. I set aside my iPhone and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of well-being.

I hope to join them again on Thursday and I promise to share my experience .

Aloha -- Cathi