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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tillamook, Oregon

Aloha Everyone,

This morning we stopped by at Tillamook Cheese Factory located in the city of Tilamook. Tilamook is a Chinook term meaning people of Nehalem. The business is a local farmer-owned cooperative and it's history goes back to 1909.

Tillamook is a familiar brand name and lines were long for the self-guided factory tour, cheese sampling stations, cheese shop, gift shop and restaurant where they were serving milk and cheese based sweets.

J.J. and I indulged ourselves in one scoop of no sugar chocolate ice cream for me and a cup of cookies and cream for him.

Honu's replacement windshield is ready for installation. Thus we are starting our return trip to Grants Pass in time for our appointment next Wednesday.

There is something nostalgic and Americana about seeing large, Spaulding barns.

We saw healthy herds of cows, sources of Tillamook cheese enjoying the lazy, warm, autumn sun.

Siletz River emptying into the Pacific Ocean meanders creating beautiful landscape.

Beverly Beach State Park is located on US101, 7 miles north of Newport. 50 full-hookup sites for RV were all taken but we are staying in one of their tent sites. Honu being small plus being self-contained with electricity, water and plumbing is a huge advantage.

J.J. and I walked to the beach which is only 1/2 mile from the camping site.

J.J. took my photo as I took a run on the sand.

A couple with a large Newfoundland were on their walk. The dog named Kona took off to the sea as soon as they placed a longer leash on him. I didn't realize that Newfoundlands love to swim.

Aloha - Jeff