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Monday, September 1, 2014

From Nevada to Oregon via California

Aloha Everyone,

Happy September and Happy Labor Day!

By 7:15 am, Honu was ready to be on the road. Our original destination was Lakeview, OR, but when we heard from our friends Pat and John about Crater Lake National Park, we modified our plan.

We drove on US Highway 395 N and less than an hour from Carson City, we entered California. Our first stop was at the Honey Lake Rest Area. According to a map, the location of Honey Lake should be next to Highway 395. When I asked a man working for the California Dept of Transportation where the lake is, he shrugged his shoulders, gave a big sigh and said, "Well lady, the lake has dried up and all you see is the dried lake bed.  It's mighty shame."

On the positive side, I saw beautiful desert flowers and bird trees mounted on several of the tall tree trunks at the rest area.

We passed a town named "Likely" with population of 99. J.J. and I imagine some of the jokes town residents hear when they mention that they are from Likely.

Just nearby Likely was MODOC National Wild Life Refuge area which 395 crossed right through. We saw many flocks of Canadian Geese on islets. It was probably a stopping point in their migratory route.

We sometime get very lucky. For our lunch stop, our choice was Antonio's Cusina Italiana in the small town of Alturas. The man dressed in long-sleeved white shirts and long black pants greeted us and asked if we have reservations. It was only 11:15 am and the restaurant was empty except for 1 table with a single diner.

The food was excellent. From calamari appetizer to garlic bread, salad and my choice of Minestrone Soup, it was quality food which we did not expect in a restaurant located on Highway 395. J.J. enjoyed his garlic pasta with herbs and clams. Michelle, our server was attentive and enhanced our dining experience. 

Michelle told us she has been working for 19 years. If the owners are as good as the food they serve, it must be a wonderful place for her to work. Our total for today's lunch was $25 inclusive of tip.

Getting lost is part of our adventure. Upon our entry to Oregon, we followed the tourist information signs and suddenly it disappeared. I stopped at Quality Inn at Klamath Falls and the front desk clerk, Rosa not only explained about the demise of the Klamath Falls but also provided us with a couple of maps.

Tonight we are staying at a RV park on Highway 97. It is rather rustic but after being on the road for a little over 6.5 hours covering over 300 miles, Honu and we needed to stop for the night. There is an apple tree beside us but I don't think its fruits are edible.

Aloha -- Cathi