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Friday, September 12, 2014

Coos Bay

Aloha Everyone,

Coos Bay is the largest community on the Oregon Coast with a population estimated at 16,060. It is also a lovely, seaside town surrounded by sand dunes and beaches with beautiful state parks. Residents and visitors could engage themselves in a variety of outdoor activities. J.J. and I watched families clamming (new vocabulary for me) and bird watching. You can also rent equipment to catch crabs.

Coos River and tributaries feed into Coos Bay which is considered the best natural harbor between Puget Sound and San Francisco. According to an anglers magazine I read, the vast size of the Coo's Bay offers anglers a lots of space to pursue their catch.

Today we had to take care of personal business like doing laundry and restocking our provisions. We have driven nearly 20,000 miles and J.J. also decided that this would be a good place to have Honu's tires rotated. J.J. decided to use Les Schwab. It took them about 45 minutes to check the tires and have them rotated.

Here is a photo of J.J. with Tyler, one of the mechanics.

We are staying 4 nights in this beautiful scenic area on the Oregon Coast. From Sunset Bay State Park, the sandy beaches of Sunset Bay is an easy 15 minutes brisk walking distance. The local tourist brochures claim that this is one of the most scenic areas on the Oregon coast but J.J. and I have to disagree. So far, starting from California border on Highway 101, we have covered so many miles that are equally beautiful and some truly awe-inspiring and amazing.

Sunset Bay State Park has approximately 65 RV sites and more than 65 tent sites. Clean flush toilets and showers makes this one of our favorite state parks we have stayed so far. One of the down side is that within 5 miles to the Sunset Bay State Park, we lose our phone connections. Beautiful tall trees just simply block signals letting us experience the days when we had no iPhone, iPads or computers to stay connected. Here are some of the photos of the Sunset Bay State Park.

Entrance to the Sunset Bay State Park

Family- oriented setting, lots of trees, numerous easy walking trails to the beach and into the woods

Aloha -- Cathi