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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

In Grants Pass, Oregon - Good News and Bad News

Aloha Everyone,

The good news is we are staying at an exceptional RV park called Riverpark RV Resort. Located along the Rogue River bank in Grants Pass, the owners Dean and Donna Logan originally from California  have been running this RV Park for 10 years. Donna mentioned to me that they are the 3rd owners and the park is over 50 years old. Dean and Donna are friendly, helpful and perfect for this hospitality business.

Individual pads are clean, grass is green and healthy and well-maintained, a far difference from the first RV park we stayed in Oregon. The remainder of the amenities including showers, toilets and laundry facilities are kept in an impeccable condition. Thank you Mike and Lisa for recommending this place to us.

The second good news is meeting Brad. He is staying in the RV park and when he overheard our conversation with Dean that we have not watched TV because we don't know how to operate the machine, he came over and set the system up for us. Brad is a U.S. Army veteran and very kind individual.

Okay, now onto some bad news. Our windshield was hit by a stone. The size of the angel hair pasta crack is much more serious than it first appeared. When we arrived at the Crater Lake RV park, the temperature reading of the exterior of Honu was nearly 100 degrees F. The temperature dropped overnight to below freezing.  This morning at 7:15 am, the windshield was all frozen and the crack was clearly visible. Nine hours later, the crack line has expanded.

J.J. has spoken with a Progressive Insurance claims adjuster. We will remain in this location until the situation regarding our windshield replacement has been resolved. If we have to get stuck at any place, this is a perfect place to be.

Aloha -- Cathi