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Friday, September 12, 2014

Shore Acres State Park

Aloha Everyone,

You can tell it is cold when I can see my breath as I practiced HUD kriya. beside Honu. After doing about  20 minutes of standing exercises, my body was getting heated but my hands were so cold and numb that when I tried to practice juggling, the balls kept falling. Since our plan is to go onward north to Washington, perhaps gloves might be the answer...

Speaking of answers:  My friend Pat wrote and said that the pink flowers I posted are called, "Naked Ladies"  So for those of you who missed the blog, here are the "Naked Ladies"

Shore Acres State Park was once a private estate but now it is part of the Oregon State Parks system. It is located just a two minutes drive from Sunset Bay State Park. There are stories of Louis Simpson, a Coos County timber baron who created the original estate for his wife. After the death of his wife, fire destroyed the main house and the lumber baron suffered financial losses during the Great Depression. Accessing the garden is like entering the Secret Garden. You walk through a dark wooded path, then come to a wooden door. Unlock the door that keeps out wild deer and voila, you are greeted by a formal garden and the original gardener's cottage. Please enjoy some of the photos I took this morning with my iPhone.

On the road to Shore.Acres State Park

One day pass is $5 per vehicle

Cliff side view from the Shore Acres State Park where the Simpson's mansion once stood.

Entrance to the Garden.

The rose garden was one of my favorite section of the park. So many different varieties of roses all in bloom.  Fragrances and colors were simply intoxicating.

For lunch, we went to the Captain's Choice.

J.J. was a happy man after having his delicious fried oysters.

Interior of Captain's Choice

My lunch of glutton free clam chowder with grilled cod in lime sauce.

We will be returning to the woods and going for our trail walk. Until tomorrow.

Aloha -- Cathi