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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Fishing Lets You Be in Touch With Your Soul"

Aloha Everyone,

According to the local fishermen, the salmon run starts about the first of September, Chinook River is one of the favorite fishing areas and at last night's RV park, we had a nice conversation with two fishermen. Wearing faded overall, tanned and leathery skin, they looked like characters from Huckleberry Finn. The older of the two with toothless grin told me, "I am as ugly and ancient as Lingcod." Actually, with bright eyes full of mischievous grin, he was full of life and beautiful. However I took his comment as a hint and did not take his closeup photograph.

This Blue Heron was large and stately. It was pacing back and forth on the wooden plank as if he belonged there. I had to ask one of the workers if the bird was a pet. He have a hearty laugh and said, "It's a very sneaky bird, you see. Hangs around here all of the time to get scraps when fishermen clean their catch."

The man was from Sacramento, CA, "between work" and came over to help out his friend. I asked him whether he prefers this part of Oregon to Sacramento. His reply was, "It's okay until I find a job. I get a chance to go out fishing which I love. Fishing lets you be in touch with your soul." One never know when you meet a philosopher.

We diverted from Pacific City towards Cape Kiwanda. I saw a large rock at a distance which we decided to follow.

I had to climb two sand dunes to see the foggy silhouette of the "rock".

Our drive today was about 70 miles but we made it in three hours in leisurely pace.

This section of Siuslaw National Forest had evidence of logging and reforestation with healthy groves of younger trees.

At a lookout point before we arrived at Cape Lookout State Park, we were treated to what appeared to be a wide and long sand bar carved by ocean waves.

Cape lookout State Park is located on Three Cape Scenic Loop. As with all the state parks in Oregon we've stayed thus far, it is clean and comfortable.

The only challenge is that hiking trails takes you to the sandy beach and it is difficult to keep sands out from Honu.

J.J. and I went out on a walk and true to the warning by the Dark Sky app, it started to drizzle.

Fog is coming in and with the gentle drizzle we are having, it will be seafood curry and hot chocolate night.

Aloha -- Cathi