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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Basic Categories of RV (Recreational Vehicles)

Aloha Everyone

Some of you have asked me about what are RVs. Generally, an RV (Recreational Vehicles) must be mobile either on its own power or else towed by another vehicle.

Among three broad RV categories, Honu, based on its length, is classified as Type B Motorhome.

Bus conversion such as below is also in the Motorhome category and classified as Type A again based on its length.

The second category is Truck Bed Motorhome. Using standard truck bed as its base, living quarters are mounted either temporarily or permanently. Advantage of these are they are generally more affordable and may easily accommodate sleeping quarters up to 4 people. The disadvantage is that in order to access the living area, the vehicle must come to a complete stop then one has to go out of the truck and enter from the back.

The third category is towing type. Either a truck or passenger car tows the square shaped "home on wheels" around. As in this photo, this type of. "Home on wheels" usually have 3 - 5 sliders (sections that slides out to provide sleeping spaces).

Aloha -- Cathi