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Friday, October 6, 2017

Productive Day

Aloha Everyone,

The two of us started our morning with brunch at the hotel. I chose my dishes carefully taking very small portions so that my tray would look photogenic. Except for the fresh goat cheese and cold potato omelet, the wide selection of breakfast foods were excellent.

Finally our body clocks have adjusted to the local time zone. Immediately after our sumptuous brunch, we tried to visit Sagrada Familia. Unfortunately, one must book online. The earliest available day/time is next week Tuesday. We would have to wait until our return to Barcelona in November.

Usman, originally from Pakistan, helped us with the installation of a local SIM card on our “Italian” phone. The phone is for both domestic and international calls. We also purchased a protective sheet for my iPhone.

J.J. found his glass cover and replaced the old frame protection for his iPhone at another store. Changing these items was money well spent. The old iPhone looks new and attractive :-). 

Lin left Guilin, China to work and study English in the UK before he came to Spain. His plan is to make enough money so he can return to China and live a “good life.”

Tapa dishes of olives, mushroom sautéed in garlic plus calamares Romana was our lunch. A busy corner restaurant just a block from the Sagrada Familia meant that we were charged tourist prices for our outdoor seating.

So many seasonal fruits line up shelves of frutarias (fruit shops). I have so far feasted on higos (figs), uvas (grapes), manzanas (apples) and peras (pears). I plan to try many others in the coming weeks.

Aloha -- Cathi