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Monday, October 9, 2017

Magical Enchanting Cuenca

Aloha Everyone,

Cuenca was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on December 7, 1996. It is a charming, enchanting place. Situated up high between the Jùcar and Hućcar Gorges, our AirB&B Apartment is located in the heart of the Old City, the historical district. Let me introduce you to our apartment located on the third floor (80 steps round trip).

There are numerous monuments and museums within a block from here. To reach any of these places, one must walk through narrow streets. It is a pleasurable walk as the weather is perfect in the mid 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The architectural beauty and surrounding natural setting keeps you amused and occupied.

Plaza Mayor is the city center with the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall), restaurants, cafés and La Catedral. J.J. and I paid €7 entrance fee each to access La Catedral which included a climb to the bell tower and entrance to their museum filled with religious artifacts.

We found an ice cream shop just around the corner from our apartment where we can use WiFi. For two scoops of “non-fat, glucose free, calories free ice-cream ;-) “ at €2.50 each, we are able to check our emails. The taste and texture is similar to Haagen Daz with probably the same amount of fat and calories.

Euro has gone down since we prepaid for our accommodations and train fares, but J.J. and I continue to use €1 = $1.20 as the exchange rate.

Our body is slowly adjusting to Spanish time. Tonight we took a public bus down the hill to the new section of Cuenca. At the end of the bus ride is a very large, ultra clean contemporary shopping mall. We purchased our provisions at CarreFour and returned with two bags full of mostly foods for breakfast and snacks.

Aloha -- Cathi