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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Spiritual Energy & Physical Energy

Aloha Everyone,

Spiritual energy is our life force. Spiritual energy is our essence. My quigong master had explained to us that some of us are born with high spiritual energy. When you are within the “personal space” of the person with high spiritual energy, the energy can be transmitted to you. You feel uplifted, calm and happy. When you are within the “personal space” of an individual with low spiritual energy, you can also be impacted. You may feel dispirited, sad or even depressed.

Spiritual energy also impacts our physical energy. If our physical energy is low but the spiritual energy is high, we can push and self motivate ourselves. The end result is that we may deplete our spiritual energy to make up for the lack of physical energy. It would require a longer recuperation time. When your physical energy is high but your spiritual energy is low, you may be unable to sustain your liveliness.

I am a morning person. My spiritual energy and physical energy are in balance and at their height early in the morning. This is when my mind is sharpest, ready to absorb new information. This is when my body feels strongest and ready for my daily exercise. Understanding the optimum period of your spiritual and physical energy, the yin and yang, gentleness and strength, dark and brightness to maintain your balance is an important element to health.

Aloha -- Cathi