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Sunday, October 8, 2017

From Valencia to Cuenca

Aloha Everyone,

After checking out from our hotel, J.J. and I took a leisurely walk to Plaça de la Reina and Plaça del Mercat. The latter was closed on Sunday, but there were street vendors in the surrounding areas of Mercat Central.

One interesting vendor was selling sugar cane and what appeared to be small sticks. He claimed that they are good for regulating your stomach. You purchase one stick which he cuts into two inch length. The bark is peeled and you chew on it.

Here are some memorable images of Valencia. 24 hours is too short to truly enjoy this enchanting, culturally wealthy city on the Mediterranean coast. Our plan is to return soon.

The AVE (high speed) train left precisely at 13:10. Top speed during our trip was a 260 kilometers an hour. One and a half later, it stopped at the ultra-modern station named after the artist who put Cuenca on the world map, Fernando Zobel.

Warm welcome by the entire family where the two of us will be staying in their rental apartment. Living room with a view faces the Main Street. No WiFi (wee fee) is a slight inconvenience but we WILL enjoy our stay!

Aloha -- Cathi