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Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Special Day Trip to Sentenil de las Bodegss

Aloha Everyone,

What makes Sentenil a unique and popular destination in the Sierra de Cádiz are the houses built under rock formations.

We hired a taxi in front of the Plaza de Toros and headed to Sentenil. After 35 minutes of a bumpy ride with twists and turns, I was happy to get out of the taxi, but even happier of what I saw.

Medieval in origin, the wall can be seen from the lower village. Our taxi driver waited for us for an hour so that the two of us could walk up and down the street named Calle de las Cuevas* de la Sombra and Calle de las Cuevas del Sol. (caves). The following photos hopefully show this another interesting and amazing place in the Puerto del Sol.

The round trip price, including a one hour wait, was €50. J.J. added €5 as tip. It is not customary for locals to tip, but taxi drivers expect Americans to do so.

Aloha -- Cathi