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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

El Museo Principal de Ronda

Aloha Everyone,

The municipal museum is located inside the Mondragon palace in the old Moorish section of Ronda. The palace’s history traces its origin to the Moorish King Abomelik, built Circa 1314. During the period of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, this palace was used as a royal residence.

The museum exhibits the history of Ronda with an emphasis on metallurgy and how farmers had to defend themselves and their livelihood.

The gardens overlooking the gorge are small, but beautiful and it must have provided its residents a place of peace and tranquillity during periods of civil unrest. Entrance fee at €3 is a fair price to pay.

Per the publish available data by Spanish Tourism office, in 2015, 68 million tourists visited Spain. That figure was expected to exceed 70 million in 2016. Most group tourists the two of us have been seeing are German, French and a noticeably large number of Chinese. Americans and Japanese appear to be free and independent travelers (FITs). Spanish Tourism offices are located in all of the cities we’ve visited so far.

While most are manned by employees who have basic conversational English skills, one can get by if you have preprogrammed translated sentences using your smartphones. The Tourism office also provides a sheet with museum entrance fees and taxi prices to and from key destinations. Drivers cannot take advantage of visitors.

We also noticed that entrance fees to museums, palaces, churches (for special exhibits) are very reasonable compared to that of other countries including the United States.

Tourism in Spain is highly regulated and well organized in our opinion.
Aloha -- Cathi