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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cuenca Gastronomy

Aloha Everyone,

At our meeting with Beatrice & Alvaro, the owners of our AirB&B, they jotted down for us 3 traditional dishes of Cuenca for us to try. Regional dishes are characterized by its rural origins. These dishes mainly included lamb, pork and hare. The first three are exotic and even a bit strange in looks and taste.  

Zarajos - main ingredient, lamb tripe.  

Morteruelo - paté made of hare, rabbit, partridge, hen, ham & liver 

Ajoarriero - a puree prepared with potato, cod, olive oil and garlic

These are but a few of the meals we enjoyed:

MEAL A - a la carte

Shrimps baked in garlic & olive oil

Assortment of grilled meat - green pepper was exquisite 

MEAL B - 5 course meal

Caesar Salad

Stewed vegetables

Trio on a tray including goat cheese with game, fois gras on crust, white bean soup with chicken

Bacalao for J.J., baked salmon for me


MEAL C - a la carte

Grilled lamb chops - absolutely delicious!

MEAL D - a la carte

Grilled.vegetables - wonderful for me

Steamed white shrimps

Aloha -- Cathi