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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

AirBNB vs Hotels

Aloha Everyone,

Our AirBNB is 1 bedroom l bath condo unit with peaceful views of city and mountain. It has a living room with utilitarian table that functions as our office, dining table and my art space. Along with a half size kitchen, stove, microwave, there is a full-size refrigerator that completes our functional domicile. The unit comes with a washer but no dryer. Ruben showed us how typical Spaniards use clothes hangers to dry. J.J. and I found a clean, modern lavandería automática (self laundromat) nearby which will save us time and guarantee that our clothes will dry.

Our bathroom is modern with open showers rather than a bathtub. This unit also comes with a bidet.

The big advantages of AirBNB vs hotels are that two of us have more space. Having a full-size refrigerator allows us to shop for locally available ingredients. J.J. is a superb cook and we can eat healthier meals. I also have a wider food chances. For example,  I could have oatmeal’s with flax seeds for breakfasts or even Kellogg’s Special K with almond milk for dinner :-)

Our two weeks stay at AirBNB in Oviedo, has no cost savings vs hotel stay. We have to purchase incidentals such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap and rubbish bags. I will write more about our travel costs of the 11 plus weeks stay in the Iberian Peninsula at the conclusion of our travel.

Aloha -- Cathi