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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Centro Histórico Oviedo

Aloha Everyone,

Everything seems to be compact in Oviedo.  It takes about 10 minutes walking from our apartment to the city center. There is a sharp contrast between the modern section of Oviedo where we are staying and the historical area. In one sense I am glad that we are staying a short distance away so that we don’t have to navigate between groups of visiting tourists. J.J. and I also noticed that while there are a lot more restaurants and cafes than where we are staying, many of these establishments cater to tourists and higher prices reflect their clientele.

Mercado del Fontán, the public market is always a great place to look around and buy fresh or prepared food. J.J. purchased about a pound of paella for around USD $6.  Very reasonable and he told me that it was good, though not as good as the family recipe passed on by his grandmother.

Aloha -- Cathi