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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Lavandería, Siderias & Churrería

Aloha Everyone,

It rained nearly all day but the two of us made it an interesting day. 

With the limited number of clothes J.J. and I carry with us, our laundry days come quickly around irregardless of the weather. So off we went to a newly discovered lavandería located closer to our apartment, adjacent to a small Roman ruin. 

Our lunch today was next to the lavandería. They open for lunch at 1:00 pm and equally important, we wouldn’t get wet. This small sideria also pride itself with regional gastronomic experiences. In addition to a bottle of cider, which J.J. consumed about 5 ounces, we were treated to an assortments of dishes of Menu del Dia including chocolate crepes for desserts. Our bill inclusive of taxes, services and a generous tip was €25. Tips are not necessary, but highly appreciated.

Fortified with another memorable Astorias lunch, the two of us walked back to our apartment in the rain.  

No chance of getting toasted chestnuts after our afternoon siesta. J.J. treated himself to a “churros con chocolate” while I walked. Today I was only able to get 6,932 steps — about half of my normal daily exercise. Neither one of us wanted to go out for dinner. I had a bowl of Special K while J.J. skipped his meal and munched on some grapes.  

Aloha -- Cathi