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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Valladolid, Our First Full Day

Aloha Everyone,

Our Ibis Hotel in Valladolid is located in a suburb near a large industrial park. Rio Pisuerga (Pisuerga River) runs nearby. There is a popular river walk where I went to get my daily exercise.

Carrefour, equivalent to a Target Superstore is within walking distance. Not finding any restaurant within Carrefour, J.J. and I crossed a street to look for a restaurant. The Coca Cola signage was a clue that we might find some food.

The place is a bar/cafe and appeared to be a popular hang-out for local residents. After we walked in and greeted the curious patrons with “¡Ola!”, they went back to their conversations and drinking. The two of us were presented with hand-written menu for today. Yes, it was  a rustic place where I know my Mother would shake her head sideways. Our first course was pasta salad with tuna on top. J.J. and I just picked on it. 

My second course, albóndigas, was served piping hot and surprisingly good. I gave J.J. the half of my portion. 

His meat, J.J. told me was tough. He thinks it’s from a bull that died in a bullfight.

Dessert of flan came loaded with syrup, too large and far too sweet.

Inclusive of a choice of beverage, taxes and services, our lunch was €18. With a generous tip, we paid approximately US$23.  

The two of us agreed, while the cafe was a memorable experience.

Aloha -- Cathi