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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Noelia & Mirco; To Valladolid

Aloha Everyone,

We first met Noelia on Tuesday when J.J. and I were having challenges with one of the washing machines. Noelia came to our rescue stating that particular machine is rather temperamental.

Even before we spoke, I noticed her bag with a message which caught my eyes.

After having an interesting conversation, Noelia invited us to meet her husband, Mirco for breakfasts. The four of us met at 9:00 am at the coffee shop of the Ibis Hotel where we were all staying.

Noelia is a Spaniard and Mirco is Italian.He works for a company that fabricates and sells air compressor machinery. From what J.J. and I understood, Mirco translates technical manuals.

They have a 14 years old daughter who is currently attending a local school. Her daughter is an artist and Noelia showed me some of her drawings and paintings on her mobile phone. The bag, she told me, was purchased in England for her daughter.

Lee, the world traveler we met in Segovia, was also staying at the same hotel. Unfortunately, she caught a very bad cold en route and had to stay in bed most of her stay in Salamanca. I saw Lee in the lobby and had a brief conversation and renewed our promises to keep in touch. I took a close-up photo of her shoulder bag which Lee wears across her body.

One of the challenges of moving days are finding a time for my daily walk. At the Salamanca train station, I walked back and forth on the platform.

A couple from Portsmouth, England sat a few rows from us. Their holiday is one week, staying 6 hotels in 7 cities. As soon as our train arrived in Valladolid, they greeted us good bye and ran off to exit. Perhaps they are making their preliminary survey trip to see which city may fancy them for a prolonged stay of even a retirement place.

Aloha -- Cathi