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Monday, October 21, 2019

To Leon

Aloha Everyone,

This morning J.J. asked me if I am going to miss Oviedo. My simple short answer is, “No.” There many more towns and cities all over the world to visit. Besides, you can always re-visit even if you never do.

Turning the clock back 6 years, both of us felt a strong sense of sadness when our month long stay in Cuenca, Ecuador came to an end. Cuenca, Ecuador was our first overseas long-stay city since we retired.

The following year, the two of us spent 2 weeks in Budapest, Hungary. The former eastern block country was an interesting place to visit. Feasting on spicy Hungarian goulash for three straight days until I goulashed out was another experience that will be imbedded in my travel memory bank.

Somewhere then and now, J.J. and I have gained a wider perspective of the world. As the two of us evolved and shed our physical luggage, we are also shedding our emotional  baggage. Not needing a place to cling to, feel comfortable with the groundlessness of our present life frees us to practice minimalism and to accept whatever happens. Life is precious to everyone  whether you live in a multi-million dollars mansion in a glittering city or in a tiny apartment of a dusty, cowboy town left behind by time.

Arrived in Léon, our final destination in Spain. We saw mountain peaks with snow on the way. Today’s low was 32 degrees Fahrenheit but tomorrow it will go up to 35 :-).

Our room is located on the 8th floor. The direct view is an apartment across the street, but towards the right, we have a pleasant city view.

Aloha -- Cathi