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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Honu Gets Service, Noodles & Company and Super Target

Aloha Everyone,

This morning, we spent 3 hours at Lake Regions RVs Inc. Main objective was to have a section of electrical wiring replaced. This mandatory recall by Roadtrek has been pending because necessary parts had to be shipped from the parent company. We are very pleased that the issue has been taken cared of and the mechanic also repaired a couple of other items for us. The staff at Lake Regions RVs Inc are among a number of wonderful people we are meeting on our RV adventure. We are extremely grateful for their kind assistance.

It was nearly 2:00 PM when we started to look for a place for lunch. Noodles and Company came highly recommended by our son, Jeff. Missing a turn into the shopping complex, J.J. had to circle about three miles to return to the restaurant. The detour was definitely worth it. J.J.'s Pad Thai with toppings of vegetables and beef and my Indonesian peanuts sauté were authentic and tasty.

Super Target differentiates itself from regular Target by offering a grocery section with a large selection of fresh produce. One of the managers we spoke to at the Super Target in Rogers said that the company is replacing their old image of discount store and upgrading to a store where one can find good quality merchandises at lower prices. He beamed when I mentioned that this particular store reminds me of Fred Meyers.

After we laundered the sleeping bag liner, it became soft and silky. Unlike the queen size sheet I used to fold and place it in my sleeping bag, the bag liner does not clump up.

We are spending one more night at KOA Minneapolis. Here is a familiar landmark on our way back to KOA Minneapolis.

Our self portrait

Aloha -- Cathi