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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Overnight Stay at the Virgin River Casino Hotel in Mesquite, Nevada

Aloha Everyone,

Our RV Adventure has taken us to pristine mountain tops. timeless seashores, incredible mirror lakes, deep forests and open meadows -- places that are both indescribably beautiful and help waken our spirituality. 

Today, J.J. suggested driving from Hurricane, Utah on I-15S to Mesquite, Nevada via Arizona.

Our first stop was lunch at Durango's Mexican Grill in Hurricane.

J.J.'s Steak Burrito with mild green chili and Cathi's beef enchilada with a lots of vegetables

We then gave Honu a good washing to remove the. red dust and grime from recent trips to Utah's national parks.

Virgin River, about 162 miles long, is a tributary of the Colorado River. It traverses Utah, Nevada and Arizona. In 2009, during the centennial celebration of Zion National Park, Red River was designated as Utah's first wild and scenic river. Today with on-going road construction and expansion, the river at times is reduced to just a trickle and its color is chocolate brown.

Virgin River Gauge is one of my favorite passages on I-15. Steep overhanging limestone walls attract some serious rock climbers.

Located 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Mesquite has several casino resorts and growing retirement community. 

We checked in at Virgin River Casino Hotel. $24 a room rate is much less than RV parks we've been staying. It's a change from Honu.

We found a small strip mall about 3 miles from our hotel with "Sushi Masa" as their anchor tenant.

J.J.'s Fried Oysters and nabeyaki Udon and my Teriyaki Salmon teishoku served with miso soup, salad, tempura and California rolls were all very enjoyable. The serving size was meant for an average male's appetite. I could only eat about 1/2 of my tempura and one California roll.

J.J. invited Dick, a fellow diner, to visit Honu as he expressed his curiosity.

Tonight we have cable channels. J.J. is switching between basketball games and the Republican debate.

Aloha -- Cathi