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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Farewell to Maine, Market Basket Grocery Store, Honu's 38th State

Aloha Everyone

Morning after the heavy torrential rain, we woke up to the sun and blue sky. J.J. and I reluctantly said our farewells to Maine.

We stopped to purchase vegetables and fruits at Market Basket in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. There are 75 Market Basket operating in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. According to a 2013 study by Consumer Checkbook, Market Basket's prices were 20% lower on average than its competitors. Consumer Report ranked Market Basket at #6 among national supermarkets. We love the store because their produce are fresh and their employees are well-trained, courteous and helpful.

Jack and Jacki were curious about Honu and J.J. struck up a conversation. They are looking into renting one about the size of Honu to see if it would work for them. We wish them well, hope they will embark on their own RV adventures.

Massachusetts is our 38th state to visit with Honu. At the Johnny Apple Seed Visitor Center in Lancaster, we stretched our legs among apple trees.

For the next two days, we will be staying at the Travelers Woods of New England in Bernardston located about 30 miles from the Vermont state line. 

A peaceful, rural setting far from the noise of a city. J.J. and I saw a flock of migrating Canadian geese during our evening walk.

Here is our celebration dinner of Kosher hotdog on oatmeal and wholewheat bread with cucumber and avocado. Our dessert of custard pie from the bakery in Market Basket was delicious!

Aloha -- Cathi