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Monday, October 19, 2015

Cathi Driving, Smørrebrød, and Huge Brontosaurus

Aloha Everyone,

Perfect weather and hardly any cars on the road meant it was my turn to drive. The speed limit on I-90 is 80 mph and even though I maintained 73 mph using cruise control, cars and trucks over took me.

Funny, when J.J. is going at 75-80 mph, it feels normal. But, when I was behind the wheels of Honu, exceeding 70 mph felt like I was flying in the air. I drove over a bridge which spans the Missouri River. After an hour, I relinquished the driver's seat to J.J.

1880 Town in Belvidere had highway billboards advertising a restaurant in an old railroad car. When we stopped to inquire, as with many business establishments, they were closed for the winter.

At a rest stop, we had an excellent picnic lunch of smørrebrød, fresh vegetables and almonds. Smørrebrød is a Danish open sandwich and consists of a piece of buttered rye bread with cold cuts, meat or fish, cheese, or spreads on top.

As we approached Badlands National Park, we passed by a huge brontosaurus replica pointing the exits to Wall Drug. The topography became more hilly. Due to another time zone change, by 2:30 pm, we were back at Americas Mailbox in Box Elder. Tonight we are staying at the RV facility at our legal residence.

Our recent acquisition of DVD for evening entertainment include the Godfather trilogy, the HBO production of ROME (interactive feature offers many historical aspects of the era), and the Doc Martin series produced by BBC.

Finally, I'd like to thank Kumu Keahi for sending me the following link. The exercise is exactly the same one I learned from my qui gong master. I have been remiss in my practice. My qui gong master told us to do this 100 times every morning or 9 minutes to maintain your physical, mental and spiritual health. I hope you will enjoy and benefit from it.

Aloha -- Cathi