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Monday, October 12, 2015

Unexpected Excellent Japanese Food at Shanghai Bistro

Aloha Everyone,

The day began bright and sunny. However, the weather quickly deteriorated as we started to look for a restaurant for lunch.

With gusty wind blowing at 35 mph, J.J. and I were just looking for a decent meal. The Shanghai Bistro had very little curbside appeal. Once inside we were surprised by its contemporary ambiance. Menu had primarily Chinese and Japanese dishes.

J.J. 's choice of Sumo Bento featuring teriyaki chicken and kalbi beef and my bento box featuring teriyaki salmon & edamame (soybeans) were delicious.

Thank you Koehler, who was our waiter for brightening our dining experience on a dreary day.

By 2:45 PM we safely checked in at KOA Minneapolis. The owner cheerfully escorted Honu in her golf cart and told us that it was sunny and 85 degrees the day before.

Wind is blowing so strong  and leaves are dancing around me that I had to halt my walking exercise. It certainly is beginning to look like a change of season.

Aloha -- Cathi