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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chicago Marathon & Toll Roads

Aloha Everyone,

Today was a perfect day for marathon runners. Temperature in the low 50 degrees Fahrenheit at the start of their race and at 10:30 AM, it was 63 degrees. Nearly 45,000 runners joined this year's Chicago Marathon. They ran through 29 Chicago neighborhoods on a scenic tour of the city.

Unaware about this one-day event, I asked J.J. if we could drive through historical downtown Chicago. As we approached downtown, I-94 traffic came to a standstill. A flashing sign warned motorists to expect delays due to marathon runners.

I-PASS or e-PASS is a prepaid toll collection system that is recognized in states with toll roads except Florida. It is more efficient for motorists to utilize it as we do not have to stop at each toll booth. The device is attached to the windshield. We purchased both an iPass and Sunpass for Florida.

When the weather is pleasant and we have no schedule and if the locations merit it, J.J. and I prefer to meander through the backroads of America. Our toll charges using I-PASS thus far have been less than $30 verses $35 for the device, including $20 credit.

The toll roads in Illinois from Chicago to the state line of Wisconsin are impeccably maintained and well utilized.

Six Flags is the biggest regional theme park featuring many roller coaster rides. Heavy traffic on the exit lanes were noted as cars tried to access this amusement park.

Rest area in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin was our lunch venue.

The Foxhill Campground & RV Park is located about 10 miles away from the major highway, but in the vicinity of Wisconsin Dells.

Beautiful site for Honu, great amenities with strong WiFi, but no phone signal.

Aloha -- Cathi