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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tourism in Amish Country

Aloha Everyone,

Bus loads of tourists come to spend a day or two in Lancaster County to visit Amish Country. Some take horse and buggy rides that are specifically made for tourists. Others go on "real" Amish farm and home visits. To experience what most packaged tour groups see, J.J. and I went to Kitchen Kettle Village where there are lodgings, shops, restaurants and entertainment catered to the visitor industry.

Our lunch at Kling House Restaurant was somewhat of a tourist trap. Diners were packed in an outdoor patio as well as inside where tables were set so close you can literally stretch your arm and touch adjacent guests. As a result, lunchtime service was compromised. However, it was worth waiting. J.J.'s ossobuco and my eggplant and white corn quiche were excellent.

We prefer the simple, unadorned aspects of Amish lifestyle. I believe if we are to return here in 20 years, we would find very little changes.  

Our campground is located in Leacock Township. Behind Honu is a corn field where a farmer is harvesting his crop using horses and mules.

Aloha -- Cathi