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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Colors, Old Bennington Town, Roadside Diner, Beaver Springs Lake Campground

Aloha Everyone,

October is one of the most beautiful months to travel in the Northeast. We especially like Vermont Route 9, designated as a Scenic Route.

Fall colors painted on nature's canvas was incompatible and intoxicating!  

We drove by Old Bennington town in Vermont with historic buildings before crossing back into New York.

Our lunch stop was at a roadside diner in Duanesburg. The place started as the cafeteria of an industrial plant. A painting in the style of Folk Art hangs on the wall which was surrounded by family and graduation photos of their customers.

J.J.'s hamburger special and my grilled cheese sandwich with a glass of milk was $14 inclusive of tip. Warm and genuine hospitality and a good American lunch. Who can ask for more.

Honu is the only overnight guest at Beaver Spring Lake Campground in Davenport, NY. Approaching the lake, we were greeted by about 100 Canadian geese enjoying the afternoon sun. The owner of the campground told us that these birds return to the place of their birth. Today, they gathered for their "family reunion" before flying off to their winter grounds.

I washed fruits and vegetables and we finished taking showers early before the sun set behind the lake.

Aloha -- Cathi