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Friday, October 2, 2015

Cold Morning, Lunch at Hubie's Tavern & Restaurant

Aloha Everyone,

The moment J.J. stepped out of Honu, he exclaimed, "Wow, it's cold!" The temperature registered at 47 degrees Fahrenheit, but there is also the wind chill factor.

We did a "dry-run" to a place where we are meeting our friends tomorrow for lunch. The scenery was absolutely beautiful and the leaves are beginning to change color.

Once we located the venue, we drove across the Connecticut River to look for a place to eat. Turners Falls is an unincorporated village and we saw very little activity on its main road.

Hubie's Tavern & Restaurant was open for business. When we entered at 11:45 am, there were more people sitting at the bar than in the dining room.

J.J.'s fried clam roll and my seafood chowder were served hot. Everyone at the bar were talking about the approaching rain and wind caused by the hurricane off Atlantic coast. Great food and wonderful people at Hubie's.

Aloha -- Cathi